1. Transnational Project Meeting

Breaking the Glass Ceiling for Women Administrators

ERASMUS+ Adult Education Strategic Partnership (KA204) Project



The project’s 1st Transnational Meeting (Kick-off Meeting) was held in Aydın/TURKEY and hosted by Aydın Adnan Menderes University Faculty of Education on 28-29 March, 2018.

Prof. Dr. Ruhi SARPKAYA, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pınar YENGIN SARPKAYA, Assist. Prof. Dr. Mehmet ULUTAŞL, Res. Assist. Tahir YILMAZ, Res. Assist. Burcu ALTUN and Inst. Barış ÇAVUŞ from Adnan Menderes University; Kadir YILMAZ, Emre Köksal KÜÇÜK, Meliha DOĞAN and Filiz TANRISEVDİ from Aydın Cultural Development Association, Zeynep Ceren ÇİFTSÜREN and Zehra ATEŞ from Aydın National Education Directory; Boris BULATOVIC from EMG; Maria Amelia VELOSO and Adelino AGUIAR from BragaMob; Antonio BENACHES BODI from AMICS and Fulvio GRASSADONIO from CEIPES attended the meeting.

In the first day, all the partners introduced their organizations. Then, project timetable was shared with the partners and they all discussed about the dates of the tasks of the project. Finally a general framework was formed together. Project budget was explained. Project dissemination tasks was shared among the partners and what is expected from each partner was discussed and agreed mutually. Project logo was determined after the discussions about suggestions. Project social media accounts were created. Then, for the 1st Intellectual Output (Need /Situation Analysis Report, State of art report) was discussed in terms of duration, tasks to be done, dates, content of the output etc. On the second day afternoon an opening ceremony was held in Adnan Menderes University. There are many attendants from university, public organizations and people from Aydın. At the ceremony, project, aims of the project, partners, Glass Ceiling Syndrome was introduced to the participants and the ceremony was finished with a cocktail.

The project’s 2nd Transnational Meeting was planned as in Berlin which will be hosted by EMG in July, 2018.