About the Project

Project Title: Breaking The Glass Ceiling For Women Administrators

Breaking the Glass Ceiling for Women Administrators project aims first to identify the glass ceiling barriers that women educational administrators face in the worklife and second to develop a training program to overcome these glass ceiling barriers and third to develop a glass ceiling mentorship programme about overcoming these glass ceiling barriers. By so, the project aims to develop struggle policies against glass ceiling in the work place in public organizations.

Duration: 24 months

Total Budget: 170.240.00 €

Project Team

Aydın Adnan Menderes University

  • Prof. Dr. Ruhi SARPKAYA
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pınar YENGİN SARPKAYA
  • Res. Assist. Burcu ALTUN
  • Res. Assist. Tahir YILMAZ
  • Res. Assist. Barış ÇAVUŞ

Aydın National Education Directory

  • Bilal Yılmaz ÇANDIROĞLU

Aydın Cultural Development Association

  • Erol TANGAL

CEIPES (Centro Internazionale per la Promozione dell Educazione e lo Sviluppo)

  • Irene CAPOZZI
  • Carlotta Alessia INSALACO

Bragamob (Aplicaproposta LDA)

  • Maria Amelia VELOSO
  • Adelino AGUIAR

AC Amics de la Biblioteca de la Fonteta

  • Antonio BENACHES
  • Garcia Rojas JORDI

Education Mobility Grid

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It is possible to say that women face barriers in many topics such as social stereotypes, mutliple roles and organizational policies in social life and work life. Especially, the barriers that women face in work life promotion are called as Glass Ceiling Syndrome. With this project, determination of the barriers that women face in work life and develop struggle strategies against these barriers are the primary aims of this project. To be able to cope with problems as gender discrimination and lack of communication with their fellows that they are faced with advancing in their careers, women administrators and women manager candidates who are exposed to glass ceiling syndrome need guidance, social support and motivational services. Within this context, this project is in line with the objective of “improving the demand and take-up through effective outreach, guidance and motivation strategies”, which is of the priorities of European Commission in the field of adult education. Besides, it is aimed to minimize the problems faced by improving the management skills and competencies of women managers. With this objective, the project is in line with the priorities of European Commission with the objectives of “Extending and developing educations competences” and “Achievement of relevant and high quality skills and competences”. Within this framework, it is thought that the findings and results obtained from this project can draw attention to the importance and seriousness of the matter.


  • reduce gender discrimination at the management level.
  • break the prejudices and stereotypes directed to women managers.
  • inform women managers in advance about the difficulties they may encounter,and thus to develop their ability to cope with problems.
  • improve the working conditions of women.
  • give mentorship to women managers during their first years of management.
  • train mentors by developing a mentorship program so that they provide mentorship support for women managers.
  • bring in the ability to develop social relations.
  • develop the right decision-making skills in career planning.

Financial Support

The project is financed by EUROPEAN UNION COMMISSION


  • Need/Situation Analysis Report, State of art report
  • Women administrators training program
  • Women administrators mentorship program