AC Amics de la Biblioteca de la Fonteta

We are a non-formal education organisation providing learning opportunities to the people in our area (youth, adults and children). We have several activities and promote also mobility programmes.

We started our activities in 2005, as a result of a Youth in Action initiative of a Scout group. Since that moment, we have been developing our local and international network in order to develop our activities. We consider we are experts in nonformal education, motivation of youth, empowerment of youth and inclusion. Using in a proficient way games and more specifically board games.

Our organization is focused at empowerment of youth and active citizenship. This means that we can provide our expertise in the project and we can benefit from the other partners for our local activities. We have developed some materials and methods related to the topic of DIGITAL SKILLS and we have some participants connected with ICT EDUCATION who are willing to share with the partners. We have also had many good experiences in DEOR, so we hope that we share them during the project.

In the project, we can contribute by sharing our expertise in the field of ICT and Digital competences ACTIVITIES with youth and also sharing our knowledge of youth work and volunteering in Spain. Furthermore, our organization has participated previously in several international projects, and this gives a wide perspective on the topic of developing a training methodology.

Most of our members are connected with education field, being teachers or trainers of vocational education. We also have strong roots related with scouting, as most of our members have a scout-background.

Contact details: admin[at]

People in charge of the project: Antonio Benaches, Trini Romero, Jordi Garcia, Enrique Monrabal