Aydın Adnan Menderes University

Adnan Menderes University, Faculty of Education

ADU Faculty of Education was established in accordance with the Higher Education Law numbered 2547 and the Council of Higher Education Law numbered 2809 and with the agreement of the Council of Ministers dated 01.09.1997 and numbered 97/9892. It began giving education in the 1999-2000 academic year. The departments in service since 09.07.2003 and newly-established departments are: Classroom Teaching in the Department of Primary Education; Preschool Education; Science Education; Social Sciences Education; Mathematics Education; Educational Programmes and Teaching in the Department of Educational Sciences; Guidance and Psychological Counseling; Assessment and Evaluation in Education; Educational Administration, Inspection, Planning and Economy; Computer Education and Educational Technology; Turkish Language Teaching; English Language Education in the Department of Foreign Language Education; Secondary School Science and Mathematics Education Department; Physics Education; Chemistry Education; Biology Education; History Teaching; Geography Teaching; Philosophy, Sociology and Psychology Teaching; Turkish Language and Literature in the Department of Secondary School Social Sciences; Painting Teaching and Music Teaching in the Department of Fine Arts Education.

M.A. and Ph.D. degrees with/without thesis: Master’s Programme in Classroom Teaching in the Department of Primary Education, Master’s Programmes in Social Sciences Education, Master’s Programme in Educational Administration and Educational Programmes and Teaching in Educational Sciences, Ph.D programmes in Educational Administration and Educational Programmes and Teaching in Educational Sciences, M.A. Programme without thesis in Turkish Language Teaching in the department of Secondary School Social Sciences, M.A. Programme without thesis in Mathematics Education in Secondary School Science and Mathematics Education Department, M.A. Program without thesis in Chemistry and Biology Education.

At present, our faculty gives education in accordance with the requirements of our country and educational system in parallel with the improvement policies of our faculty.


In accordance with the legislation of the Turkish National Education System; our mission is to educate students proficient enough to serve in pre-schools, primary schools, secondary education schools and universities. It is aimed that undergraduate, master and PhD students gain the ability to acquire basic knowledge, skills and attitudes, are faithful to Atatürk and principles of the Republic becoming secular and modern teachers. Students are provided with an instructional programme preparing them for a successful career which is accepted as one of today’s national and international programmes. Based on the the principle of continuous improvement, it is aimed that undergraduate, master and PhD students gain individualistic qualities such as a wish for life-long learning, fulfilling their tasks efficiently, being able to find and follow developments in social, economic, technological and scientific areas and serve in state and private pre- educational institutions and interact with them continuously.

Our mission is to train teachers and educational experts who have required skills and motivation appropriate for the current conditions and who have the will and ability to transfer his/her fund of knowledge to the next generation by using any kind of technological materials. We educate our students to become teachers who look for the best, are sensitive to the needs of the family and society, are good at team-work and who can identify problems and reach their goals. With curriculum supporting creativity and contemporary professional fund of knowledge, our graduates become self-confident, competitive, freethinking, constructive and creative teachers who can represent our country at the national and international levels. With formal and non-formal education, our graduates contribute to Turkish society and help to disseminate their knowledge.


To maximize the reputation of teacher-training programmes at the national and international level. To be in an accepted and preferred position in its field at the national and international level and actively join in the projects for the extension and development of teacher training needed by our country in the EU harmonization process and to give support to scientific research. To be a department able to educate teachers to express their feelings and thoughts, be able to transfer their main surviving skills to daily life, to be creative, enterprising, self-controlled, giving value to differences, respectful of human rights, willing to learn and be psychologically and physically healthy which is requirement of a modern and democratic society. To strengthen the activities of our academic staff, students and graduates on a global platform by conducting joint works with national and international educational institutes, companies and non-governmental organizations and to carry the university into the future.


The primary goal of our faculty is to train qualified teachers for pre-school, primary and secondary schools in teacher training programmes and also train educational experts in masters and PhD degree. In the programme, it is aimed that candidate teachers gain a high level of pedagogical, professional and individual competencies to be able to know the characteristics of children, to communicate well and to be able to carry out interest, ability and value analyses of children.

Physical Infrastructure

Our Faculty is situated in a 3 storey-building and has a 2 storey additional building and also a building for Department of Music students. We also have a conference hall and a small meeting room. For academic staff there are 45 rooms and a multi-purpose room.Adnan Menderes University, Faculty of Education Alongwith these facilities, there are also 1 storehouse, 1 archive room and a canteen which is managed by a private company.

Technical Infrastructure

20 classrooms for undergraduate programmes, 2 drawing halls, 4 music classrooms, 1 classroom for master programmes, 1 classroom for doctorate programmes, 1 science lab, 2 physics labs, 1 computer lab, 1 drama classroom, 1 classroom for pre-school programme, 1 painting workroom, 20 sound-proofed individual music rooms, 9 individual music rooms with pianos and 1 Orchestra-Chorus hall.


Web site: https://www.adu.edu.tr/

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