Aydin Cultural Development Association

Aydın Kültürel Gelişim Derneği (Aydın Cultural Development Association) is a local, nongovernmental, independent, non-profit and apolitical organization,with the main purpose of contributing for the personal,professional and cultural development of people.

Our association promotes to solve educational, social and economic problems of community,to contribute vocational education, active citizenship, enable all the people to participate in sport and scouting activities, organize local and international projects.

Our mission is about:

🌍 Supporting youth and adults initiatives in any kind of activities that can bring benefits for the local community

🌍 Developing a strong focus on entrepreneurship, economic/financial events, and new business creation

🌍 Providing assistance while choosing the right career

🌍 Improving quality of life and enhance their physical and intellectual capacities

🌍 Promoting their critical thinking and problem solving abilities

🌍 Promoting thinking and positive attitude, optimistic.

🌍 Promoting care for themselves, to others, to the environment.

🌍 Supporting youth and children’s initiatives in any kind of activities that can bring benefits for the local community Undertaking activities and informations sessions in the field of education, sports, cultural and youth policies and European citizenship.

Our organization is focused at intercultural learning and active citizenship.We manages a lot of activities to promote the cultural development of community.Our goal is to support the social and cultural development focusing our efforts on new generations. We support youngsters to develop their cross-competences by promoting EC opportunities and realizing activities mainly based on non-formal learning tools, as recommended by EC. We educate youngsters to a peaceful and intercultural cohabitation based on transnational co-working with people coming from different cultures, countries and social conditions.

Our activities are ;

🌍 Trainings and workshops on:

🌍 Career Planning, New Jobs

🌍 Entrepreneurship, Ideas of innovation

🌍 Foreign Language

🌍 Project Cycle Management

🌍 Drama

🌍 Model Aircraft

🌍 Youth Exchanges with other similar organizations in the country or abroad

🌍 Sport activities; trekking,basketball,voleyball,oryantiring,

🌍 Photography

🌍 EU projects

🌍 Youth Festivals

🌍 Music and percussion facilities

🌍 Cultural events: book launches, poetry recitals,etc.

🌍 Supporting youth entrepreneurship.

🌍 Promoting international volunteering

The staff of our organization are all of them youth workers,trainers, experts in development of international cooperation and mobility projects. They have experiences in LLP programmes,Youth in action,Centralized actions,IPA Projects,Erasmusplus programmes.

They are specialized in national and international funding programmes.The staff have also expertise in teaching foreign languages and technical education.They have good skills on non formal education and working with young people and adults with different difficulties and fewer opportunities.

Web :http://www.kulturelgelisim.org/

Adress: Mesrutiyet Mah. Kültür Sokak No:10 Aydın/ Turkey

Contact: melihadogan78[at]gmail.com