Aydın Provincial Directorate of National Education

Aydın Provincial Directorate of National Education is responsible for the central administration of all aspects of education( formal and informal education) and related services in Aydın provincial . It is also in coherence with 17 district national education directorates affiliated to itself. The Directorate’s main areas of responsibility are pre-school, primary, secondary and special education; the promotion of community relations within and between schools; and teacher education. Its primary statutory duty is to promote the education of the people of Aydın and to ensure the effective implementation of education policy in the whole Aydın province with 178.640 students, 14.295 teachers, and 841 schools.

The vision of Aydın Provincial Directorate of National Education is “To be a model city in education for a new and powerful Turkey” We are an institution that adopts national and universal values, provides participation of stakeholders, develops with the concept of lifelong learning , works to provide national education services to the people who are studying in our province by using the resources that are available in an efficient, productive and proper way.

Strategic Objectives:

1. To increase the participation and completion rate in all education levels until the end of the planning period.

2. To increase the learning competences, academic achievement levels, the success of national / international competition and central examinations of the students.

3. To educate our students in line with the needs of the todays world and labor markets and to increase their qualifications and competences in this way.

4. To increase the competences of foreign language learning and to increase the participation rates in international projects of the teachers and students.

5. To ensure the balanced distribution of human resources ,to provide effective and efficient use of them and to increase the operational capacity of the institution by improving the qualifications of the employees

6. To increase the number of schools / institutions affiliated to the Directorate and to upgrade their qualifications to contemporary education standards.

7. To improve the functioning, visibility and stakeholder satisfaction of management-organization activities


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