Education Mobility Grid

Education Mobility Grid (EMG) is an educational consultancy group with offices in Germany and the Netherlands. We assist students, parents, educators, schools, universities and businesses by offering one stop educational solutions on a global scale.

Our mission is to empower individuals and organizations to make positive change through education. We consider education to be key to people’s and society’s development. Considering the pace of change and use of advanced technologies in everyday life, we believe that means and methods of education should be adapted to specific needs of individuals and organizations. Therefore, our work has innovation, digitalization and an international perspective at its core.

With our global network of partners, we are able to offer a wide range of high quality services tailored to our clients’ individual needs.


For Students

  • Guidance on studying in Europe with a special focus on Germany and the Netherlands
  • Assistance in choosing the most appropriate academic and professional future career paths
  • Counseling on international study programs in Medicine

For Families

  • Worldwide school placement for relocating families
  • Support and assistance throughout the entire school search process
  • Development of future educational plan
  • Educational repatriation
  • Boarding schools beyond UK and USA

For Teachers

  • Worldwide employment opportunities
  • Online teaching jobs
  • Guidance on salary and benefits
  • Training opportunities
  • Access to international network

For Schools

  • Staff training and workshops (e-training / in-person)
  • Sport facilities consulting
  • Single vacancy management
  • Leadership recruitment
  • Start-up school support
  • Virtual classroom (tutoring, expanding subject range, providing flexible alternatives during teacher absence)

For Universities

  • Internationalization and marketing strategies
  • Digitalization of education
  • Diversification of teaching and learning methodologies
  • Learning management systems
  • Application of entrepreneurial education approaches and strategies
  • Integration of Responsible Management principles in Management Education For Corporations
  • Worldwide school placement for relocating employees with school age children
  • Development of future educational plan, educational repatriation
  • Educational site assessments
  • Policy benchmarking
  • Remote location solutions
  • Group move planning
  • Customized educational solutions for employees
  • Sourcing international candidates based on their educational background

Boris Bulatovic, Ela Kurtcu

Bulatovic GbR – Education Mobility Grid (EMG) Braunschweiger Str. 41 – 12055 Berlin, Germany