Project Multiplier Event

Breaking the Glass Ceiling for Women Administrators Project Multiplier Event was held.

Project’s Multipler Event was held on 22 November 2019 in Lion Park, Suites & Residences Hotel in Aydın.

In one day length event many attendants were took place. Morning session started with registration. After that opening speeches were given by Prof. Dr. Cumali ÖKSÜZ, dean of Aydın Adnan Menderes University, Faculty of Education; Reyhan TÜRKMEN, vice head of Aydın Governorship
provincial directorate of social studies and projects and Prof. Dr. Ruhi SARPKAYA, project coordinator.

Then, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pınar YENGİN SARPKAYA made her presentation on Glass Ceiling in Turkey and the World. In her presentation she gave valuable information about rates of representation of women both in Turkey and the World. Based on this, the statue of women in Turket and in the World was handled. The barriers faced by women in their promotion was shared with the participants. The strategies to overcome these barriers was told to the participants. After cofee-break, project’s 1st Intellectual Output (Situation Analysis Report), 2nd Intellectual Output (Women Administrators Training Program) and 3rd Intellectual Output (Women Administrators Mentorship Training Program) was introduced to the participants by project team member Res. Assist. Burcu ALTUN.

Moreover, information about the general process of the project was presented to the participants. In this frame project’s Transnational Project Meetings and Dissemination Activities were shared via photos.

In the last session of the event, participants realized a sharing activity by separate groups. In this activity, they wrote their past experiences about glass ceiling, then they told their experiences in their groups in orally. After that they shared their ideas about what can be done against glass ceiling barriers and how the awareness about the phenomenon Glass Ceiling can be raised in Turkey and in the World. Each group moderator took notes after these talks and gave their reports to project management team and the event finished.